Legal services

Corporate legal services for companies
  • preparation and amendments to articles of association and statute
  • preparation of resolutions and corporate approvals
  • preparation of minutes of AGM and drafts of AGM
  • resolutions of the Management Board, Supervisory Board
  • approval of financial statements
Restructuring, M&A
  • establishment of companies, fundations, associations
  • proceedins related to sale or donation of an enterprise / organized part of an enterprise
  • transformations of capital and personal companies
  • mergers and acquisitions of companies
  • preparation of share trading agreements
  • liquidation of companies and partnerships
  • pre-transaction due diligence
Labor law
  • analysis of employment conditions (B2B, employment contracts, civil law contracts)
  • advising on the mobility and secondment of employees
  • drafting employment contracts, non-competition agreements and other documents related to the employment relationship
  • preparation of draft work regulations, remuneration regulations and company social benefit fund regulations, statutes and other acts of labor law
  • legal advice on employment restructuring
  • obtaining permits and consents for foreigners to work in Poland
  • advising on termination of employment relationships, including group redundancies
  • issuing opinions on collective labor agreements
  • advice on social security matters
  • preparation of contracts for the management
  • representation of employers in court disputes
  • introduction of ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan) incentive schemes for employees
  • introduction of remote work
Business law
  • drafting of contracts in business transactions
  • preparing drafts and giving opinions on commercial contracts in terms of compliance with the law and proper protection of the client’s interests, including contract performance collaterals
  • conducting negotiations and mediation talks on behalf of the client
  • advisory on concluding contracts
  • preparation of legal information and memorandums regarding currently applicable regulations in a given field of business activity, ongoing consultations
  • representation in the field of real estate acquisition by foreigners
  • determining the legal status of real estate
  • legal support in real estate rental and sales
Legal compliance
  • support and consulting in the field of personal data protection (GDPR)
  • preparation and verification of the AML procedure
  • implementation of the whistleblower procedures
  • procedural audit in the company the area of legal compliance
Representation in administrative proceedings
  • appeals against administrative decisions
  • representation and assistance in inspections conducted by the National Labor Inspectorate
  • representation and assistance in inspections carried out by the State Sanitary Inspection
  • representation in proceedings before the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)

Tax advisory

Ongoing tax advisory
  • solving tax problems in the daily activity of the company
  • analysis of contracts, transactions and other economic events
Tax audit
  • verification of the correctness of the calculation of CIT and VAT liabilities for the selected period
  • assessment of possible risks and indication of possible savings
Restructuring, M&A
  • tax analysis of transaction agreements
  • tax due diligence
  • tax structuring of transactions
International taxation and withholding tax
  • analysis of the tax consequences of international transactions
  • assessment of the risk of a foreign permanent establishment (PE)
  • determining the taxation of transactions with withholding tax (WHT)
Mandatory Disclosure Rules (DAC6/MDR)
  • verification of the obligation to report tax arrangements
  • preparation of the draft MDR report
  • MDR audit

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Tax interpretations and proceedings
  • preparation of applications for tax interpretations and binding rate information
  • conducting proceedings regarding the issuance of tax interpretations
  • court appeals
Tax due diligence procedures
  • withholding tax due diligence procedure
  • mandatory Disclosure Rules tax procedure
  • procedures limiting the risk of penal fiscal liability